Wilton for collect.studio

This started out as a hand made one off for myself, but grew into something else. My new flat had a small nook in need of a side chair, so i gave myself a brief for a small armless lounge chair. I wanted the design to have elements of iconic Scandinavian wood chairs, but bring it forward with a few modern details.

The frame is based on 2″ lumber, and uses a variety of joints, mortise and tenon, domino, biscuit etc. The main challenge was the 3 way join which needs to have 3 different joins just to facilitate the assembly.

The seat is woven from danish cord in a pattern familiar to Hans Wegner fans. The challenge with the weaving was extend the rattan as far back as possible and weave around the backrest supports. There’s a concealed block under the weaving to allow it the seat to be as deep as possible.

The backrest is bent plywood, I made a mould to bend the plywood at a roughly 450mm radius, which flattens out at the sides, so it can hit the supports on a flat surface.

This chair will be commercially available from my friends at collect.studio who will produce the chair in the USA in 2021.