TJ Chair

My mate TJ saw the Wilton lounge chair I made, which had four legs, no arms and woven rattan seat, and was like “that chairs great, can you build one for me? .. except, I need arms, it needs to rotate and the cats & kids would ruin the rattan, so no textiles”  

I thought: Mate!!!! Just buy one!

But there aren’t many chairs on the market like that. So I reluctantly made one.. and TBH.. did it on the cheap. I used a standard base, bent my own plywood, and spent the cash on the visible solid oak arms. Each component locks the others in place. So while there are no nonessential components here… it was a PITA to build by hand. 

I’m now wanting to make v.2 of this with a brand. CNC would knock this out in no time, proportions could improve and a better base would be more hidden. 

But if not – the prototype turned out good, TJ is happy,  He’s spinning around his flat watching his kids chase the cats… Probably.