Club Sofa

The Club Lounge Collection, is a new release of Australian designed and crafted lounges which represent a sophisticated new development for Australian furniture brand, gohome.

“I wanted to design a sofa system thats adaptable, comfortable and versatile. Something you can work in, chat in, relax in. So it was really important we have a system that lends itself to various formats and environments. The system is built upon bold solid wood legs, which provide a strong platform to mount upholstered shapes, privacy screens, power outlets and create various arrangements of 1, 2, 3 seat sofas ottomans.”

The backrest is designed at a height comfortable as both arm rest and backrest, with the rolled backrest giving us a soft inside, and a crisp outside. We were able to push the upholstery process to achieve crisp lines toward the front and bottom edge of the backrest which helps frame the sofa, and mount the high screen.

Each of the lounges have the ability to add a higher privacy screen which easily transforms the open back, collaborative chair, into a focused space. I designed the screen to appear as a ‘bolt on’ accessory, floating above the ground, but otherwise entirely wrapping the back of the sofa to give the right amount of privacy, but personal space inside. 

Technically, we went to a lot of detail making the shapes and details look so simple. The internal construction to achieve the right mix of comfort and ergonomics was developed via a series of prototypes. Starting from very wide and low configurations to find the right geometry for the home or office functionality while exploring the grey area of formal or informal, which is how most of us want to work in a post pandemic world. 


Designed for the Australian market, the forms offer a bold and contemporary expression of Aussie design which I feel, is characterised by confident shapes, in strong colours with a confident optimism which I reckon Australia is famous for. 

The materials allow loads of combinations, with various wood species and stains available on the legs. The forms of the seat and backrest allow the upholstery to be achieved in most fabrics or leather. In combination with the high back screen, there is limitless potential to create a wide CMF ecosystem

I’m really happy with how the satellite laptop table has come together. Designed to be used with the sofas and using shapes and materials consistent with the entire collection: ie, the shape of the table top is derived from the shape of the sofa arm rest. The single leg, on 45˚ angle creates intriguing visual angles as it floats around the sofas, while at the same time providing stability and supporting both grain directions in the timber. The softer forms where the leg flows into the top and bottom, are created to exploit the natural beauty of the solid wood, and the visible thru tenon on the top exhibits the craftsmanship in the quality of the build.”