Copper Lamps

Wandering the industrial neighbourhoods of Hong Kong over the years, I collected up a few copper parts designed for plumbing to transform into lighting components. The natural materiality is special. Its decorative, but functional, it’s warm and inexpensive. Polishing the parts to a decorative shine took some time on the lathe, using a series of fine sandpapers, and polishing compounds. Both products with some American Ash parts turned on the lathe, and fitted with dimmable G9 bulbs.

The floor light sits at an unconventional height at 90cm high. Its part floor lamp-height, part table-lamp-height. Dimmable down to candle light, or bright enough to read a book. Its a one stop shop for a small room.

The pendant was made from a 2 inch to 1 inch pipe reducer, used as a small spot shade for a halogen bulb. Its a beautifully engineered component made at high speed, and low expense in a seamless copper form. Still with markings denoting size and application, but otherwise perfectly suited for this application, but without the tooling costs to set up. All photography by Mike Pickles.

the markings for plumbing specs are still visible after heavy polishing