TJ chair

My mate TJ saw a chair I made, which had legs, no arms and rattan seat, and was like “that chairs great, can you build one for me? … Except, I need arm rests, rotation and the cats & kids would ruin the rattan, so no textiles”

I thought: Mate! Thats not the same! Just buy one!

But, turns out, there aren’t many chairs on the market like that. So I set out to make one, and did it rather economically. I used a standard swivel base, made a tool to bend plywood (pictured below) and spent the money on the visible components: the nice thick solid oak armrests.

Each component locks the others in place. So every part is functional, and structural.

I’d love to make V.2.0 of this with a commercial partner. CNC would knock this out in no time, proportions could improve slightly, when not bound by hand made production, and a more suited base would help hide the support structure.

But if not – the prototype turned out good, TJ is happy, spinning around his flat watching his kids chase the cats… Probably.

Custom made plywood bending tools