Wilton Chair

The design was created as a relaxed side chair for a small apartment. Comfortable yet compact. Sturdy, yet easy to move. Celebrating timeless materiality, and absolute attention to detailed craftsmanship. 

This chair is made from American Oak hardwood, and Danish paper cord. Timeless, classic and sustainable materials. The heart of the structure comes from a three way join in the back leg, drawing inspiration from Japanese joinery techniques, the complexity provides physical strength and visual simplicity. The seating material is hand woven, from ~250m of unlaced Danish cord in an archetypal basket weave. The back rest is a custom moulded plywood which is a strong, light, comfortable and sculptural form. All these elements come together holistically, with attention to every detail in a crafted heirloom piece.

Chairs such as this, with classic materiality and typology communicate subtle languages. There are several cultural design influences evident in the chair, employing Scandinavian weaving techniques, geometries familiar to Asia, and the kind of bold form junctions found in contemporary Australian design. The design combines old and new, applying classic materials and techniques in a more youthful than traditional applications, whilst retaining the highest quality craftsmanship we demand from timeless design. 

Plywood mould built for the backrest
Weaving tests
Joinery tests